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Welcome To My World

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5 October 1996
Hmm. Well, I like to hang out with friends whenever I can. I do not like schoolwork at all, it sucks!!! Whatever, my journal will be based on random things. Btw, I used to use my blogger account, however, I deleted it because I was afraid that my identity was revealed since Google connected the two together. Now I have this and a few people cannot find me.:) Well, anything else? Yes!!! I play Doom for hours and I have a pet lizard who is really awesome and if you want to talk about anything, message me.:P

UPDATE, MAY 3RD, 2015: So, I am about to graduate soon and I am not sure what I will do afterwards. However, I will enjoy the freedom from school and that I will try to make sure that I live a happy life and do what makes me happy. I would like to move out of the state I am currently living at and move to somewhere warmer. I try to do the best I can at being happy and try to find new kinds of music to listen to and I rarely listen to the radio anymore and that means I don't even know what the hell is going on anymore. Same with TV, I don't keep update with the world that much anymore. I really love drawing now, I am getting better at it, every time I go at it. However, I am still an amateur. Again, if you want to talk about anything, message me.

UPDATE, June 1st, 2015: I am now a graduate. Metal and Rock are my two favorite genres and most likely will be my forever favorite until the day I die. Favorite name brand shoes: Converse.

UPDATE #2: May 27th, 2017: I bought a new car a little over a month ago and I am currently working two jobs; one is transportation and the other is at a gas station. So far, it's not that bad, I just wish that I could have more but I am going to just deal with what I got and go from there. I am hoping to move out of this state within a few years. However, that will be very difficult to do but it can be done. Life is good so far.

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