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Weird Dreams...
This morning, I had a dream about this kid who liked to collect sand and I was trying to tell him that perhaps he should dump it out. I think it might've been his father, I don't freaking know, and as he walked out, the kid got up and he was fat (I'm fat, too, so chill) and I felt I was being choked and some kind of discomfort came over me as he got up and he was shirtless and he looked sad and he was playing with the sand and I felt uncomfortable. Then my dreams switches to me talking and hanging out with my friends and we were talking about the 90's and then when the conversation came to the year of '99, for some reason I mentioned Columbine and then I woke up. I wonder if I felt that uncomfortable feeling because I really wanted to stay up a little longer but I had nothing else to do. Well, I will something to do tonight: watch Paranormal Witness on Chiller. That reminds me, I've been trying to figure out on when will the next season come out? Does anyone know? If you do, please tell me!


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