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My Birthday
Let's see what I got: I got money, oysters, some food from burger king, a boatload of candy, birthday cards, a little cheer type of thing from my siblings, an e-card, and some gummy candy things. It was a good birthday, I even watched "The Black Cauldron" which I haven't seen in a while. It's a kid movie but I like it. I watched a boatload of movies but the one that I like is "The Black Cauldron" because... I don't know. This was all on Saturday btw. Damn, I didn't do any of my homework but it's not due for a long time so I don't give a damn. I am glad that I didn't get sick in my birthday. On my birthday, I went on a walk to the SA and got myself a couple of Code Red Mountain Dews and tin of shredded jerky and walked back home. It was a good day.:D


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