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So, yesterday I started working at noon again; it has been a while but this time, I don't get back to the shop until 5:20 PM and to tell you, that is quite a long day! However, that means I make more money so I am not really complaining too much except I can't go home anymore because I get home at ten and that is usually because I have to wait around for my mom to come back and once we get back, it only leaves an hour and a half to have a break at home. I mean, that is what normal work is: can't really go home until the day is done. Such as life, right?

So far, no problems, and today was a good day so far. However, I thought I might've ruined my clothes at first but then I realized I didn't.

Is it weird for me to think that if someone is parked in front of my house, they're weird? I mean, they could be lost and all but it still weirds me out. Can't wait to get this school year over done with, then I get a vacation. I'm not in college and all but it is just how the job is. I am not going to get another job this summer, only because I don't have a license at this point and I don't want to make anyone drive me around if they don't have to. I know I will get it the 2nd time, it was just that one spot that really screwed me over.

I don't know if I told you this but I knocked over a flag for the 90 degree reverse parking and I turned from the wrong lane. Those are the two that got me marked but that turn bit me in the ass. I am so glad I got another appointment on June 30th @ 2:20 PM. However, I need to work on 90 degree and parallel park. Perhaps I should study about the multi-lanes more just in case I am missing something.

I am going to bed, good night.


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