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I feel somewhat nervous for tomorrow afternoon. I honestly want it to be sunny, not that it will affect the outcome of the test really, rather what I can do safely as possible and I really feel confident about passing the test although the parallel parking is what I am nervous about and I really hope that won't fail me for the whole test, which I assume it won't if I don't do it correctly. However, I know I will fail the test if I bump the cones/sticks or whatever they are. I just know there will be something that will indicate a pretend vehicle. My mom says not to act like it is a big deal and all but to me it is. I can see my friends and go wherever I please and it won't affect the rest of my family. I wish I would've gotten this done in high school. We talked about it but nothing ever happened. I gotta act like I really got this and be confident and breathe.

Last night, I had a dream that I was trying to free the jews and war heroes from the concentration camps and we were trying to get this huge weapon out of there before it was too late and then I woke up. Not exactly a nightmare, it is just the dream was unfinished and it kind of bothered me. Where did this dream come? It came from me playing Wolfenstein: The New Order! That is where it came from. I have had a dream like that before with me playing combat arms.

Okay, back to the test subject because this is really important to me. I wish my mom could come with me but my grandmother is. I just feel more comfortable with her for some reason. Just thinking about it makes me nervous. Well, I just better calm down because there is no use worrying until tomorrow. My ears feel pretty warm. My, oh, my. You got this, you got this. I am going to pretty a little bit earlier than usual since I am probably going to need all of the sleep I can get and hopefully this give me a better outcome. I will also say that tomorrow morning, I will practice parallel parking again and then I will go to take my test. I really hope that the parallel will go well and the whole test. I can't wait to get this over and done with.

There are some things I need to get done and one of them is get an air mattress because the futon by itself isn't good for my back. I mean, I heard that is better for you and I honestly believe because I have slept on an air mattress before for weeks and to tell you the truth, it didn't bother me that much. In fact, it was pretty nice. That was a long time ago. I kind of miss those days. I feel depressed and sad when I think about those times here and there. I mean, most of the time I don't get depressed but there are just days where I just want to be back with my friends and be happy again. I want to change some things but I cannot. Brings me back. I really hope that I can see my friends more after I get my license, and that I can do more things without asking someone else to drive me. Well, that is it for this post. Until then, see you tomorrow.


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