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In a couple of days, I will take my test. I practiced my parallel parking again and so far, I am doing all right. I mean all right. Tomorrow, I will practice it again and then maybe the morning before my test. It is at 2:20 Pm. I hope I do. I don't think the driving part will be very bad but um, the parallel will be a bitch to do so. I hope this week will be a good week for me and the rest of the month. I will be one of the happiest people on the earth if I pass this test, which I have a good feeling that I will. Parallel parking and 90 degree reverse I need to put emphasis on when practicing.

I beat the game Wolfenstein: The New Order today though I changed the difficulty for the very last part when I had to defeat the boss. I think it took me 10-20 fucking times before I changed the difficulty level for the last part, which means I tried very hard not to take the easy way out. Whatever, I finally did it, now my younger sister can play the game. She forgot but um, I remind her tomorrow that she can play. While we are talking about video games, I pre-ordered Doom (2016) which will come out this upcoming friday. I will be happy when it comes in the mail next week. Everyone who is doom fan will be so excited when it comes out and the thing about this Doom, it is a reboot of the original series. I wonder what Doom 2 will be like when it is rebooted. I can see why they rebooted the series due to the fact that the first doom came out on December 10, 1993. So, the series has been going for 23 years now. A pretty good run, huh? However, take a look at the wolfenstein series- the first one came out in 1981! 35 years! Isn't that amazing? I think it is but that's just me. Mario, the arcade version came out in 1983 if I am correct and ever since then, people still love it. So many series out there that have been running since forever.

Tomorrow, I have to go to work (just like everyone else) and then tomorrow and it'll be much cooler out than it was last week. I hate the weather up here. One week it is nice and then the next week; it sucks. I wish it would be nice on the week of my test so that way, it won't mess with my emotions. I just need this month to be the month of the year besides October, which would the month on which my birthday lands on.

I have been getting a lot of nightmares lately and it's been like this for a while; I guess it is due to a lot of worries I have been having and the thoughts I have had but then went as quickly as it came. Maybe it is some of the music I listen to before I go to bed. I don't know but I know that I have been having nightmares about my parents and granparents dying. I mean, not all of the time, it just happens once each person and I really hate that, especially about my mom. That one really hurt. Why am I having these dreams? I don't like that at all. Sometimes, when I wake up from a nightmare, I will look around the room to see if someone is with me. There never is but I always get that feeling and I really hope I don't get nightmare disorder or something like that. I don't think I ever gotten sleep paralysis before. I mean, I have had feelings where I am kind of asleep and kind of awake sort of thing and then I try to wake up because I get a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen in the dream. I can feel my body but I cannot get up, I can't open my eyes or do anything at all. I am not sure if that counts as sleep paralysis (probably not), but it is definitely freaky.


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