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With my driving, I notice that it is difficult to do the hand-over-hand as I go faster but at 5 mph it isn't so bad but at 10 mph it gets a little more difficult to do this steering technique and at 20 mph, it is even harder, however,from what I have been hearing from people who have already taken the test, they really just want you to just make sure you are keeping both hands on the steering wheel; some places are different, though. I mean, in the manual, it does say do the hand-over-hand technique although now I am hearing that the AAA recommends that you don't do that technique, rather just do the push-n-pull! I mean, with today's cars, you don't need to do the hand-over-hand, they are built differently! However, the manual is a little updated, I mean, they do mention that you should hold your hands at 9 o' clock and 3 o' clock positions or the 8 o' clock and 4 o' clock. The 8 and 4 position I don't really care for, I mean, seems relaxing but I have less control over what I am doing on the road.

Okay, moving on. Ever since I got the dual skorpions for the game Combat Arms, I have been getting kicked out of game rooms more often now and it is really starting to annoy me. Just because I have better weapons than you doesn't mean you should just kick me out. After all, people still kick my ass on that game. However, I am a little better at it before I got the duals. Next is the Mac-10 and the Uzi.

Every thursday, it will feel like a friday and tomorrow it's supposed to snow which, I don't like that because then that interferes with my driving which I really need to get my license the summer ends at least. Seriously, I can't handle another year without a license to drive and I also would like to hang out with friends more. I talked to one of my friends about it and I really hope I can hang out with this April. Seriously, I want to pass on the first time. I am kind of confident but at the same time, I really need to work on turning and braking.

I might be on repeat sometimes and I am sorry but I am just concerned with these things is all.


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